Welcome to Luxology Beverage

Welcome to Luxology Beverage, a premier event service company that offers state certified, fully insured, courteous, well-trained, professional Mixologists. Creating a unique and memorable experience for your guests with their mastery of mixing memorable moments.

We are a private mixology event company committed to delivering the ultimate in mixology services and bartending that suits your entire event needs. Luxology Beverage was established and efficiently managed by committed individuals who are genuinely passionate about hospitality, Mixology, bartending and delivering a style of luxury and uniqueness that is unparalleled to any other in the industry, which is evidently displayed in every event.

In order to leave our clients with the best experience beyond what is expected of a conventional mixologist, we at Luxology Beverage are committed to breaking all barriers. More so, Luxology Beverage Mixologists, will make your events bar experience a memorable one by creating state of art mixology, by combining skill with creative mixing, layering techniques and a whole lot of shaken fun.

We remain one of the top-rated brands as we supply the fundamental knowledge to the principles behind the invention of great balanced savory cocktails. To the mastery of making a Pisco Sour or Philly Fish house punch.

Luxology Beverage is your best choice for any of your events.

 We will leave your guests with a wow experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Who We Are

Luxology Beverages was founded by passionate and professional Mixologist who shared a vision of providing mixology services that are not only unique but also of unbelievable qualities. As professional Mixologists, we are quite conversant with the fact that it goes beyond just knowing mixing techniques. At Luxology Beverages, we have also learned the craft of inventing breath-taking cocktails and new mixtures while playing up the classics.

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What We Do

Luxology Beverages brings a combination of luxury and taste into your drinks, with our masterpiece cocktails. Our unique brand of farm-to-bar cocktails is premised on the foundation of keeping ingredients simple and fresh always. Imagine the potency of the combination of organic cucumbers with local lavender, hand-squeezed lemon, and local organic vodka. Wow! An ultimate bliss!

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Passion Meets Creativity

The peak of excellence in cocktail development can only be attained by passion. At Luxology Beverage, we have come to understand this, hence our adoption of excellence is the driving force that pushes us to learn and progress more. We are excited to learn not only from the traditional sources but also from every experience with our clients and their guests. We strive to widen our creativity in creating more new cocktails that push boundaries to give you and your guests the cocktail experience you deserve.

We bring the Party Closer than Ever

When your party is hosted by excellent private mixologists, such as Luxology mixologists, your event is sure to be taken to the next level.

While placing an eye on details and enabling guest to enjoy a perfect party time, presenting exclusive Mixologists at your occasion is a special method of communicating class. So, if you are thinking about having team of world class self-dedicated mixologists at your disposal, who are always ready and available to do your biddings, drinks-wise, then Luxology Beverage can provide the answer.

In addition, our full-service bar and a professionally dressed Mixologist add an exciting dynamic to your event and this can’t be replicated. With this in place, you’ll be happy to know your guests are in good hands, being entertained and served by our handpicked, professional staff. (Personality and banter are complimentary). Contact us today and let us create lasting memories for you and your guests


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Top Quality Ingredients

Try inventing a new recipe or prepare a great delicacy using inferior ingredients; it’s just like fueling a Lamborghini with water instead of gas.

At Luxology Beverages, we share a similar inclination to that of a Chef in that freshness is the key. Therefore, if you give us the opportunity, Luxology Beverage pledges to only use fresh and healthy ripe fruits, premium juices, Brand name bottled sodas mixers, and house-made purees.

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