Craft Cocktail Package

prices vary on guest count and cocktail complexity

(2) Signature Cocktails 

Our bartenders will arrive with all the proper mixers, garnishes and recipes for two amazing craft cocktails for your guests to choose from. If your party is holiday themed, we will tailor these craft cocktails to go along with the holiday.


menus will be placed on the bar and select tables at your event describing with verbiage your craft cocktails. If your event does not have tables we will have menus available to view at the bar table.

Bloody Mary Bar Package

$25 per guest @ 15 guest minimum

We Bring Everything Except the liquor         

Client Choice of 5 Regular Toppings    

Choice of 1 Premium Topping 

Spicy Tomato Juice

Reg Tomato Juice

Serving Station, Carafes

Rim Salt and Lime

Choice of 1 Additional Glass Rimmer

Bartender & Portable Bar set up

Hot Sauce Station (3 Sauces) 

A condiment selection will be provided

Basic Mixer Package

Have us provide a basic or deluxe mixer package for typical or craft cocktails. Including such items as simple syrup, grenadine, curacao, sweet and sour mix, bitters, sweet & dry vermouth, lime juice, and much more!

Deluxe Mixer Package

Preium Mixers, Purees, Bitter selection,  house made Shrubs, and more!

Rates starting at $2-$6 per person

 We also offer flat rates as well

Non Alcholic Beverage Package

Need us to provide a non-alcohol mixer package such as coke, diet coke, sprite, club soda and tonic water, not a problem!

Rates start at $5.50 Per Person

Event Extras

Please contact us on event extras from food to ice buckets.

lavish party events make all your needs come true

Cocktail Classes Weekly

Train Wreck Distillery NJ

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classes run daily and so so much fun to shake, and stir

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