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To ensure all clients get the taste of our top-notch services, irrespective of their budget or event size, our services have been segmented into two. These include our Mini Events Services and our Full Events Services. 

Mini Event Services

  • Our Mini Event Services is exclusively designed to be the more budget-friendly option.
  • It is recommended for clients that just need the services of a Luxology Mixologist to provide hospitality, drink crafting skills, and professionalism.

 Our customized package for this Mini Event Services start with a low price per person, and  a minimum of 25 people. 


Requirements for Luxology Beverage Mini Events Services include you providing your alcohol, handling all logistics, bar supplies and other items by yourself.

Our Provisions

For a single booked event time of four hours, we provide minimal setup and cleanup services. We also provide the following personnel and equipment:


  • One well-dressed, professional, insured, and certified mixologist.
  • One well-dressed, insured and certified mixologist assistant.


  • Shaker tins, Strainer, Speed pours, Jigger, Garnish tray
  • Muddle, Cutting board and knife, Bottle openers, Ice scoop
  • Bar mats, Towels and more.

However, we do not provide specialty cocktails, consultant services, preparation planning, fruit, juices or mixers at theses events.

With the singular mission to always deliver at high standards, we at Luxology Beverages, are committed more than ever to employ our flexible ability and unique hospitality skills in transforming every event into a special event.

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