Luxology Beverages was founded by passionate and professional Mixologist who shared a vision of providing mixology services that are not only unique but also of unbelievable qualities. As professional mixologists, we are very familiar with the fact that it goes beyond the knowledge of mixing techniques. At Luxology Beverages, we have also learned the craft of inventing breath-taking cocktails and new mixtures while playing up the classics.

We like to imagine stories about life and people and create cocktails to match those stories; simply, we incorporate life into our drinks. Our commitment to studying and learning about people to produce quality, yet innovative drinks to satisfy their ‘thirsts’ is second to none. There is no other way to express this than to say, Luxology Beverage does not tend the bar, we create our bar! From freshly squeezed juices to homemade syrups, our mixes are certain to keep you coming back for more. As top-rated Mixologists, we bring to your party, the best experience far above what is expected of a conventional bar.

At Luxology Beverage, we do not only have in-depth knowledge and awareness about the latest ingredients in the business, but we also do know more than a thousand ways to blend them, providing unique tastes that will leave you savoring. We create drinks that are custom designed to suit your party and event needs. We are always delighted to give you more than the usual.


Luxology Beverages brings a combination of luxury and taste into your drinks, with our masterpiece cocktails. Our unique brand of farm-to-bar cocktails is premised on the foundation of keeping ingredients simple and fresh always. Imagine the potency of the combination of organic cucumbers with local lavender, hand-squeezed lemon, and local organic vodka. Wow! An ultimate bliss!

With a great mixology experience, we understand the challenges of making a cocktail menu for special events, especially when you’re interested in making everyone happy.

Also, finding the fine line between an Old Fashioned and a white wine spritzer isn’t always easy, and that is why we have developed a perfect solution for our esteemed customers with our well-thought-out exclusive cocktail recipes.

As a pointer to our resolution to always employ local ingredients always, with organic versions only as options, our cocktails are clean, fresh and lively flavors are the products of hand-squeezed, fresh-juiced local and organic ingredients.

We also offer signature cocktails, non-alcoholic specialty drinks, fresh press juices, skinny cocktails, with new items always being added. Luxology Beverage will ensure your events are memorable and filled with the right libations.

At your events, we take the pressure off your shoulders. You will be free to have a blast knowing perfectly well that we are entertaining your guests and have all the beverage details covered.